The Spirit of the Night

I seek out the shimmering portals between Earth and Sky; the doorways for us to step through into the secrets of ancient and ever-present wisdom.

Carla Meeske’s Milky Way and starry night landscape photography captures the mystical connection of sacred land and infinite sky.

My mission is to bring the stars home into our consciousness, and our homes! We are beloved expressions of the Milky Way and the Cosmos, and these images capture the Spirit of our entire universe, known and unknown, seen and unseen. View these images with a dreaming eye and experience the loving presence of Spirit in our fabulous home. Earth, nestled in the Milky Way, one of a billion galaxies in our incredible cosmos.

starlight stories

Shamans connect the creative energy of the heavens with the nurturing spirit of Earth. Carla’s compassionate Spirit Guides lead her into the landscape, and delight as she gathers images that honor heaven and Earth. Earth and sky tell the stories of their mirroring life force, embodied in the land, the trees, the animals, and us! Carla gathers those stories from the Spirits of the Land as she photographs through long starry nights. Listen as you look deep into these images, and you will hear the stories too!

Carla Meeske

Shamanic guide offering healing and teaching modern shamanism for 25 years. Carla captures the beauty of nature, guided by the compassionate Spirits who walk with the earth and sky. Join her dreaming through these images, and in workshops she leads in person and on zoom.

Carla’s Magical Nightscapes express the mystical connection of Sacred Land with the Infinite Sky. View these portals with a dreaming eye, and experience the Spirit’s breath in you.

Carla’s homepage, where you can request healing sessions and learn all about Carla.

SpiritHealer School of Shamanism site, with all our courses.

Shaman’s understand that the truth, beauty and wisdom of the sky is alive in our bones. We are expressions of this grace. Carla honors the Spirits of the land and asks their permission to make photographs. They respond by showing her a sign, like a pottery sherd on the ground that wasn’t there before – was it? As the sky casts to night and the stars come out, night sounds rise, and Carla sings with them. The whole world comes alive with the music and the dance. These images are treasures of our sacred living moment, mirrors of our souls and affirmations of our beauty. Cherish them as your own. Because the living treasures we see today can so easily be gone tomorrow.

image of 4 runner at lake at night

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image of Carla with her drum

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